Strauss Group in the world
Strauss Group in the world

Strauss Group is an international company, which specializes in the production of food and beverages. The desire to improve people’s lives is the basis of Strauss Group’s philosophy. More than 14 000 employees, 29 production sites in 22 countries work under the quality of products, which corresponds to the idea of health and proper nutrition.

The corporation successfully cooperates with leading world companies: Danone, PepsiCo, Heier, Virgin.

By estimates of analysts, Strauss Group is among the five coffee companies in the world ranking. The corporation holds leading positions in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Brazil and Israel.

In the Eastern Europe market, Strauss has been operating since the late 90s and represents such well-known brands as: Chorna Carta, Ambassador, FORT, Totti Caffe, Elite Health Line, Sucrazit.




Strauss Coffee

International business of Strauss Group, engaged in the production of coffee. One of the largest and fastest growing company in the world. For 10 years, Strauss Coffee tripled its sales and became one of the TOP-5 world players on the coffee market. The company owns an innovative research center based in Israel.

In 2005, it combines the coffee business with São Miguel and establishes Três Corações in Brazil.

In 2012, Strauss Coffee concludes an agreement with the German factory Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke GmbH (NDKW) for the production of coffee for the European market. In 2016 Strauss Coffee buys a factory in Germany.

In total, Strauss Coffee has 14 production sites around the world and more than 6000 employees.



PepsiCo – Strauss Fresh Dips & Spreads

Company producing fresh salads, cooled products and hummus under the brands Sabra and Obela. Brands are widely represented in North America and take the leading positions in categories.

In 2005, Strauss bought 51% of the shares of Sabra brand. Investing in the development of the brand of fresh products in the United States has made it possible to achieve a leading position in the market.

For further develop of the brand worldwide Strauss company enters into a partnership with PepsiCo. Thanks to the participation of two global companies the Sabra and Obela brand goes to the international level and becomes a leader in the category.

Since 2011, the company expands the market and extends beyond North America with TM Obela.

The company’s mission to create flavors that will unite the world.

Strauss Israel

Largest company in Israel, more than 75 years on the market, more than 20 production sites throughout the country.

Strauss Israel cooperates with global food producers, such as Groupe Danone and PepsiCo. The partnership is long-term and allowed us to build a professional infrastructure in the country.

More than 20 production sites, logistics centers, which are located throughout the country, produce key food products.

Nowadays, the Strauss Israel has more than 13,000 points of sale and provides jobs for more than 5,000 employees.




Strauss Water

Leading global expert in the field of water purification, filtration, heating and cooling. Following the mission of Strauss Water – to improve the lifes of people every day, the company provides its customers with high quality water with an excellent level of service. Research Center of Strauss Water is developing clean appliances for home and office.

We develop, produce and sell environmentally friendly system of heating and cooling of drinking water WaterBars for both home and office use.

Strauss Water successfully cooperates with the Haier Group in China and the Virgin Group in the UK.

Today, Strauss Water offers a variety of solutions for home and business in accordance with the highest international standards.