Strauss Coffee in Ukraine

Strauss in Ukraine

In 1999, the products of the Strauss Coffee company (formerly Elite) appeared on the Ukraine stores shelves. The company is represented such coffee brands:

  • Chorna Karta,
  • Ambassador,
  • FORT,
  • Totti Caffe,
  • Elite Health Line.

One of the first products on the sales counters was ground coffee FORT, which immediately gained popularity among consumers. Less than in two years, the company has won more than 50% of the ground coffee market and has become the undisputed leader in sales. When the company entered the market of instant coffee with FORT products in powder and granules, within a few months it became one of the leaders in this segment as well.

In 2007, the brand portfolio of the Strauss concern in Eastern Europe was supplemented by a new acquisition – the premium brand Roberto TOTTI. In 2010, Strauss rebranded Roberto TOTTI and introduced its own premium brand for the HoReCa market – TOTTI Caffe (professional espresso blends and coffee capsules). Strauss created a division of Strauss HoReCa and became a leader in the professional coffee market in Eastern Europe.



In 2008, the Strauss coffee line expanded significantly due to the purchase of the popular brand “Chorna Karta”. The brand “Chorna Karta” is presented in various coffee categories – freeze-dried, ground coffee and coffee beans.

In 2016 brand “Chorna Karta” took a leading position in the coffee market, entered the TOP-3 brands of freeze-dried coffee and now is the undisputed leader in the category of coffee beans.

In 2011 Strauss buys another premium brand Ambassador. The detailed assortment of the Ambassador brand allowed to immediately enter two Ukrainian markets – retail and HoReCa, significantly strengthening Strauss’ leadership position. As a result of 2016, the Ambassador brand is becoming one of the fastest growing brands in the coffee market.

In 2012, Strauss signs a long-term management contract for Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke’s production facilities, including a factory for the production of freeze-dried instant coffee in Germany. In 2016 Strauss Group buys the Norddeutsche Kaffeewerke factory, which is one of the most innovative and modern production facilities in Europe.

Strauss Ukraine is a company that is among the TOP 3 leaders in Ukraine (categories of beans, ground and instant coffee).

The company Strauss does not stop and constantly invests in innovations, continues to improve the quality of products and expand the product range.